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Early morning, summer, the Cotswolds, camera. What else is there?
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Special Offers July 2019

Cotswold Photography Tours special offers for July 2019
It's summer in the Cotswolds and everything is looking lush and green after some unusually large amounts of rainfall back in June. This month Cotswold Photography Tours is offering, as part of any tour that covers the northern part of the Cotswolds, FREE entry to the Cotswold Lavender at Snowshill AND a free drink at the lovely cafe they have there. The Snowshill Lavender is a superb place to visit and photography during the month of July (the lavender is at its best for a period of about 5 weeks from mid June to the end of July).
Cotswold Photography Tours offers excellent value for money with peak season (April through October) tour prices starting at £225 per person so why contact us today to book a photography tour of a lifetime around the iconic Cotswolds!

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