Walking Photography Tours

Walking Photography Tour Workshops: 2024 Pricing

Our walking photography tours have multiple strands: first, they immerse you fully in the Cotswolds environment; second, they get you physically active; third, through our in-depth local knowledge of the area they offer unique photographic opportunities for you to capture images that are genuinely unique; fourth, they combine a "tour" of a part of the Cotswolds with a "workshop" approach to developing your photography.

Our walking tours range in length from approximately 3 to 6 hours' duration and are designed to be "hands-on workshop" experiences enabling you to develop your photographic skills and creativity whilst being immersed in the beautiful Cotswold landscape. What better way to spend a few hours (and improve your fitness)?!

Our walking tours are designed by us using decades of experience of walking and exploring the central and north Cotswolds and we guarantee that you will obtain images of the region that would not be available from any other commercial tour out there. We ensure sufficient rest stops during the tour and, if you bring your own cup, we'll make you a brew while you sit and take in the fabulous Cotswold countryside!

As with all Cotswold Photography Tours' tours, all our walking workshop tours are customisable to suit your particular requirements, fitness level and available time. Just let us know what you would like and we will produce a bespoke walking photography tour just for you!

If you require our pick-up / drop off service the maximum number of people on a walking tour is THREE to reduce our environmental impact on the landscape and ensure minimum disturbance to village and rural communities. For meet-at-start walking tours we limit customer numbers to FIVE per tour.

January 1 2024 to December 31 2024 Walking Tour Prices:

3 hour walking workshop tour: from £115 (single person) from £75 per person (2 or more people on the same tour)
5 hour walking workshop tour: from £155 (single person) from £95 per person (2 or more people on the same tour)

We specialise in bespoke tours and can arrange pretty much any walking tour you would like (in terms of duration, start and finish times etc). Minimum walking tour duration is 3 hours (to ensure sufficient photography time). Prices for bespoke walking tours are dependent on tour duration, specific requirements and location - please contact us to arrange your own bespoke walking tour!