Walking Photography Tours

After the experiences of the pandemic lockdowns and restrictions we recognise that many of you will have made changes to your life styles and will have developed a greater interest than ever in getting out to experience nature more directly. So for 2022 Cotswold Photography Tours is delighted to offer you the chance to do just that right here in the Cotswolds by offering our ready-made "experience nature" walking photography tours. Designed to give you a unique perspective of the Cotswolds and something that no other tour out there is able to offer, our half-day photography walking tours will immerse you in the natural landscape of the Cotswolds visiting superb areas that would ordinarily not be experienced without more local knowledge. Plus, of course, you will have complete photography assistance throughout the tour to ensure your images of the Cotswolds stand out from the rest. Whether you need support with camera "technicals", guidance on how to use your camera's different operating modes or a chance to explore more creative photography we will be there to help you develop your photography.

Although the walking tours are "pre-designed" to cover a range of areas within the north Cotswolds, should you have specific requirements for your walking tour by way of time constraints (or if you would like a longer tour), location, accessibility and so on then we are more than happy to tailor any walking tour to suit you - simply get in touch to discuss what you would like and we will do the rest.

So, dig out the walking boots, dust off your camera and join Cotswold Photography Tours on an adventure in to the "unknown" Cotswolds!

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