Walking Photography Tours

Our drive-explore tours allow you to experience larger sections of the Cotswolds in a relatively short period of time but there is also something special about experiencing (a smaller chunk of) the Cotswolds on foot - the immersion in the landscape of the Cotswolds allows you to gain a very different perspective on the place and, of course, to capture some images that other tours simply do not allow. That's why we have introduced our Cotswold Photography Walking Tours.

We run our walking tours all year round and each season has something unique to offer when it comes to photographing the Cotswolds so no matter when you are visiting there will be plenty to turn your camera to out on the trails. As with our drive-explore tours, walking tours, including the "pre-designed" ones, are tailored to your requirements, available time, level of fitness and photographic interests. Generally using circular routes and drawn from over 35 years of walking the north Cotswolds our walking tours are designed to give you a unique perspective of the Cotswolds and something that no other tour out there is able to offer, traversing areas only accessible on foot and giving you a glimpse of the "hidden" Cotswolds.

As with our drive-based tours, you will have complete photography assistance throughout your walking tour to ensure your images of the Cotswolds stand out from the rest. Whether you need support with camera "technicals", guidance on how to use your camera's different operating modes or a chance to explore more creative images we will be there to help you develop your photography.

Cotswold Photography Walking Tours require a minimum of 3 hours (to allow sufficient opportunity for photography although we suggest a minimum of 5 hours to allow a reasonable circular route to be covered), do not require Olympic fitness and can take place anywhere in the north Cotswolds from Stroud north to Chipping Campden. Simply get in touch to discuss what you would like and we will do the rest!

So, dig out the walking boots, dust off your camera and join Cotswold Photography Tours on an adventure in to the "unknown" Cotswolds!

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