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Cotswold Photography Tours

Hi, we're Andrew & Ann Moseley-Packer and we run Cotswold Photography Tours right here in the Cotswolds, UK. The Cotswolds is a designated "Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty" and one of the largest such areas in the UK.

Everyone takes photographs of the places they visit but not everyone takes really good, unique, photographs of the places they visit. We set up Cotswold Photography Tours in 2016 using our extensive knowledge of the Cotswold region and our 40 year involvement with photography to help visitors experience the best of what the Cotswolds has to offer AND to help them improve their photography at the same time.

Our tours are bespoke and numbers are limited to 6 people per tour. We offer drive-based tours, drive-walk tours and pure walking tours of the Cotswolds and ALL our tours are designed specifically to your requirements and available time.

If you're visiting the Cotswolds, if you want the best experience of the region and if you can find us (see our contact details on this page.......) then we can arrange your very own Cotswold Photography Tour!

Here are a few of the things that make Cotswold Photography Tours unique:

* a personalised service providing you with your very own bespoke tour (or select from one of our ready-made tours - see the links below for more information)
* pick up, tour and drop off transport from your Cotswold accommodation
[March 2021 until further notice: due to the Corona Virus restrictions we are currently unable to offer our pick up / drop off service. We apologise for the inconvenience]
* all year round tours
* customised tours constructed to encompass your particular photographic interests
* photography guidance and tuition covering, for example, camera skills and technique, technical guidance, and being more creative with your camera
* total flexibility in terms of tour times and duration (for example, we can offer sunrise and / or sunset landscape photography tours, night time / low light photography tours)
* competitive prices (peak season tours start at £195 for a single person, whole day tour)

Simply EMAIL US for more information or to book your tour!

Every Cotswold Photography tour is tailored specifically for YOU based on pre-tour communication with us but will fall in to one of three main categories depending on your preference:

1. Drive + village exploration tour. This type of tour is about photographing a range of well known and less well known Cotswold villages
2. Drive + walk tour. This type of tour is a combination of village visits combined with some short (less than 4km each) walks that enable more photography of the Cotswold countryside
3. Walk only tour. As you might guess, this type of tour is for keen walkers and although it will involve some village visits it is more about being off the beaten track and away from the main tourist centres

We have a range of tour areas within the Cotswolds for you to choose from and you can find more information about them in the links below. We can be contacted right HERE if you require any further information or to arrange your own bespoke Photography Tour.


* We have a selection of ready-made tours which you can see an overview of HERE

* For more detailed information about each of our ready-made tours please click here:
Cotswold Photography Tours sample tour details 2021

* Tour prices for 2020 and booking procedures can be found here:
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Cotswold Photography Tours 2020 Special Events
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Photography Tour Gifts
Our photography tours make excellent gifts. If someone you know or love has an interest in photography and the great outdoors why not give them a gift they will remember and book them on one of our Cotswold Photography Tours at a date to suit them! Simply EMAIL US with your request and we'll do the rest!

How to arrange your own personalised Cotswold Photography Tour:
Simply EMAIL US with the date(s) you will be in the Cotswolds and a little bit about the kind of tour you would like to do (eg a drive tour to cover as much of the area as possible, a walk-drive tour to have some time off the beaten track or a purely walking tour to find those "hidden" photographic locations). We will get back to you within 24 hours to discuss how we can assist you and, if you decide, to arrange your personalised tour.